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    A word from Dr Terry King
    Ed.D., M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.T., M.A.C.E

    Executive Director -Mission Educate

    I am pleased to write this recommendation for the work of Jude Kalman of FishFilms. Jude was
    commissioned by Mission Educate to produce a short documentary film on our work in Mozambique. She
    spent two weeks there in September 2018 shooting footage for the documentary.

    The resulting film “mission: educate A story about the power of education “ exceeded our expectations.
    In the planning for the documentary prior to travel, Jude was attentive to our ideas and concepts. She was
    sensitive to our needs, rather than imposing her own thoughts and ideas. Jude embraced the values that
    Mission Educate wanted expressed through the film and was exceedingly sensitive and pro-active in
    responding to the unique cultural, social and spiritual expectations in Mozambique. She was cooperative
    and respectful with all those associated with the filming process in country. Her genuine interest in people,
    their stories and welfare endeared her to all those who met her.

    Jude is a passionate story teller and has that remarkable ability to listen to another’s story and then
    produce an amazing visual presentation. She has encapsulated the vision, passion and compassion of the
    work of Mission Educate in a powerful and moving film.

    Segments of the film were featured in a news report by Gold Coast (Qld) Channel 7 News (aired 22.3.19)
    concerning the impact of Cyclone Idai, prior to its release in April 2019. It has been shared by social media
    countless times and will be used by Mission Educate on its website (www.missioneducate.org) and in
    functions to inform, encourage and motivate people concerning our cause.
    I have no hesitation in unreservedly commending Jude Kalman and FishFilms to any individual, corporation
    or organisation desiring to visually tell their story. The results of her extraordinary talent will amaze you
    and all who view her work.

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