Aussie Mum African Heart


Meet Trishelle Sayuuni, a teacher from the Gold Coast Coast, Queensland who packed her bags and whole life and moved to Uganda to start a school. Her charity is 100% Hope. Aussie Mum African Heart is a story about Trishelle and the children and families in Uganda impacted by her vision.


Creative: Carrie-Anne Greenbank

Director / Producer: Carrie-Anne Greenbank

Director / Camera / Editor: Jude Kalman

Deliverable: 1 x 30 min documentary


Aussie Mum African Heart featured on Channel 9 over the Easter weekend in 2017 with an overwhelming response. Starting with a news story on Friday 6pm news, Saturday morning’s Today show followed. The documentary aired in it’s entirety on Channel 9 nationally on Saturday afternoon. Due to the positive response, it was aired again on Easter Sunday on 9Gem and then again in May 2018, all nationwide.

The success was not just the broadcast. Viewers responded with great interest and the sponsorship of children increased along with financial support for the programs 100% Hope offer. You still can contribute to this important charitable project so for more information visit

Excerpt from “Aussie Mum African Heart”